Website Forums 

Our website forums are back online. We have been making some changes to help make them a more constructive and helpful resource for our community.

The main discussion forum is now open to residents only and participants need to register with a Love's Farm address and agree to post using their real name. Two forums - 'For sale' and 'Ask a question' remain open to a wider audience. The 'Ask a question' forum is intended to provide simple factual answers to questions - for example from those thinking of moving here who might want to find out something about our community.

The changes that we have made are in response to a rise in negative and - at times - abusive posts appearing on the forums, often made behind aliases. We are rightly proud of our community and want our forums to reflect this. We have set out clear guidelines and we will be taking down posts that we don't feel make a positive contribution and we also have the discretion to remove access privileges from individual accounts.

Please remember that the forums - and indeed the Community Association as a whole - are run by volunteers. If the time taken to manage the forums exceeds the time available to us then we will have no choice but to withdraw them again.

To join the residents' forum, go to to get registered. You'll be given an opportunity to update your address before applying to join. It can take a couple of days to approve applications (we're all volunteers!) so please be patient.

If you already have an account on the website but have forgotten the login details, please don't create a duplicate account, but reset your password instead.

Marcus Pickering, 17/04/2015