Can you help? 

Love's Farm Community Association is looking for an enthusiastic resident to fill a key volunteer role.

Sally Tilley has come to the end of her tenure as vice-chairperson, due to the impending arrival of her second child, and so we need someone to take her place.

If you love living on Love's Farm and you'd like to help make our community even better then we'd love to hear from you! Despite the alarming-sounding title, the vice-chair has very few formal day to day responsibilities and the role can easily be shaped to your passions and skills. What we most need is a commitment to support the work of the Community Association, to attend monthly committee and officers' meetings, and to work with the chairperson to continue and develop the work of the Association here in our community.

Whether your strengths lie in administration, inspiring volunteers, organising events, dreaming up new projects, or something else altogether.... we'd love you to get involved. If you'd like to chat informally about the role, please drop me a line:

Marcus Pickering, 20/05/2015