Free Tickets to 360 Play

Saturday 30 May is SMART day, when the residents of Love's Farm arm themselves with grabbers and get rid of all that pesky litter (meet at the pirate ship at 11am and/or 2pm). It's always a hit with children who love using the grabbers, and it's strangely theraputic for grown ups too. This month it's set to be even more rewarding because we have 100 tickets to 360 Play to give away to our SMART volunteers.


360 Play in Milton Keynes is one of the best soft play centres in the country, with a three-storey play frame, dodgems, role play, messy play and outdoor fun, plus space for adults to relax too. Tickets normally cost up to £9 each so we're very grateful for this generous donation. 

The tickets to 360 Play will be valid on 21st June 2015 ONLY. (But that's OK - we can make it a Love's Farm party!) Names and contact details will be collected on SMART day and tickets will be allocated depending on demand... if there's enough to go around you can have tickets for your family members too. You'll need to make your own travel arrangements to 360 Play, Roebuck Way, Knowlhill, Milton Keynes MK5 8HL (map here).

So see you at 11am and/or 2pm on Saturday 30th May by the Pirate Ship for SMART day.

Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times - for both SMART and 360 Play.


Ben Pitt, 21/05/2015