There's no such thing as the dog poo fairy


We need your help.

During a short stroll on a Sunday afternoon, 43 instances of dog poo were found and spray painted PINK on Love’s Farm. Why? To ensure children avoid it, but also to display that this is not acceptable.

Throughout March, the same exercise will be done every weekend, but we need your help. We need 4 volunteers to spray paint dog poo on a stroll around Love’s Farm. The spray paint has been recommended by the Council and is wildlife friendly. 43 instances is too much, this isn’t just ‘a one off because my dog was running in the bushes and I didn’t see it’. It doesn’t take much to bag it and bin it.

If you feel strongly about this, get involved, volunteer to take a spray can out on your next walk by contacting


Keela Shackell-Smith, 28/02/2016