Week 3: There's no such thing as the dog poo fairy 

LF poo map V2

This week, our fantastic volunteers have sprayed a total of 69 spots of dog fouling and picked up 30. We are thrilled with the response and thank you messages, especially from parents, thanking us for highlighting the areas, so that their children can avoid it, but still play outside on our wonderful Love’s Farm green spaces.
This week, we are including a map of the bins on Love’s Farm (thanks Ben), as well as particular spots which seem to be bad spots where owners forget to pick up after their dog and have created a top 3 worse places for dog fouling:
1.       Path Intersection to the train station playground
2.       Pathway between houses, parallel to Paddock Close
3.       Path to the school entrance from Hogsden Leys
We need to be especially vigilant in these areas, and offer a bag if you see an owner walking off after their dog has done its business.

What’s next? 

Well, we are running out of pink paint so to celebrate spring, we are switching to yellow in April. We had originally envisaged doing this for a month only, but due to the response, let’s keep going. If you fancy doing some spraying, contact keela.shackell@ourlovesfarm.co.uk


Keela Shackell-Smith, 22/03/2016