Love's Farm Community Awards 2016 

This year's awards took place as part of a great night celebrating all that's great about Love's Farm as we held the annual meetings of both Love's Farm Community Association and Love's Farm House in the form of a quiz night, culminating in presenting awards to deserving members of our community. This year's award winners were:

The Tame Family - 'Bring your family to work'

Helene is known to many of us in her work as Love's Farm's community chaplain - but the whole family are out in force at so many events, and particularly on our SMART days, whatever the weather. Well done to Jonathan, Helene, Luke, Esther, Lidie, Danilo and Simi!

David Wells - 'Committed to the Community' 

David has served as Treasurer for Love's Farm Community Assocation for several years. It's a thankless task, with very little recognition or appreciation. David also works hard as our Town Councillor, representing us at numerous meetings. Thank you David!

David Wells

Cornelia Sbircea - 'Star Behind the Scenes'

Cornelia does a huge amount of work for our community that is hardly ever seen. She cooks for Make Lunch at the school, help at youth club and Little Loves and bakes for our cafes. Thank you Cornelia for all you do!


Rebecca Mitton - 'Going the extra mile'

Keeping the Farm House up and running has taken a huge level of commitment from volunteers, especially in its first year. It's hard to imagine how it could have happened without Rebecca's hard work. We are hugely indebted to you Rebecca!

Rebecca Mitton

Joshua Jones - 'SMART superhero'

One of our youngest, and most regular, volunteers at our SMART tidy-up days, Josh is a true community superhero. Well done Josh for showing the grown-ups how it's done!


Little Loves - 'New Venture'

Starting from nothing, and growing into one of the most popular groups meeting at the Farm House, Little Loves is a remarkable volunteer effort, providing a low cost meeting place for parents and toddlers. Congratulations to Cornelia Sbircea, Helene Tame, Becky Symms, Lynda Cronin, Roxy Andrews, Sam Claussen, Kathryn Pickering, Paula Phipps and Di and Steve Briggs.

Little Loves

Your neighbour's name here!

Next year's awards will be here before you know it, so do start thinking about who you know who deserves an award, and get ready to nominate them!
Marcus Pickering, 20/11/2016