To flush or not to flush? 

KICitemsSeveral months ago I started to notice that our toilets and bath were not draining away quickly. 

Presuming I had just an issue with some blockages  I proceeded to pour a whole range of "drain unblocking" products down my sinks, toilets and bath!  Though they seemed to work – it was a relatively short time before the issue occurred again.  The day finally came when I was up to my elbows in bath, sink and toilet water unblocking everything for the umpteenth time when I had enough and called in a friend to check the pipes for blockages.  Even though he wasn’t able to find it he was able to determine it was past  my house and further along the system. 

A couple of callouts and Anglian Water were able to finally resolve the issue – 2 not 1 but 2 blockages.  Caused by? None other than baby wipes and wet wipes.  After speaking to one of the engineers I was surprised to find out that even the "flushable" types of wipes are just as bad as the ordinary ones!!  Anglian Water dropped off some postcards advising what is OK to flush and what is not OK to flush down your toilets or drains.  

Keeping it simple – stick to the tissue!  Everything else should go in the bin!
More information can be found here on flushing items

Caroline Henderson, 30/01/2017