Parking Restrictions Coming To Love's Farm 

No Parking

Love's Farm Community Association (LFCA) has secured agreement with Cambridge County Council (CCC) Highways to implement parking controls for the whole of Love’s Farm. The £16,000 funding comprises £8,000 from Gallagher Estates and £8,000 from Cambridgeshire County Council via the Local Highway Improvement (LHI) Scheme. LFCA has received many complaints about inconsiderate parking by commuters and others and the association conducted a survey in 2015, which received 218 responses and found that 90% of respondents supported implementation of restrictions. Here is an extract from application to CCC:

 “Parking on roads in Love’s Farm presents a danger of collision and congestion due to narrow roads. It causes a danger to children and adults attempting to cross the road due to limited visibility for motorists. It also presents a risk that emergency vehicles may not be able to respond in an emergency due to obstructions… there has been a significant increase in parking since the footbridge giving access to St Neots station was opened nearly 3 years ago..”

Based on advice from CCC Highways the parking controls are likely to comprise a mix of:

  • Double yellow lines on bends and dangerous areas
  • elsewhere, single yellow line, with a 1-2 hour no-parking restriction in the middle of the day
  • Limited areas of no restriction.

The restrictions will apply to all of Love’s Farm. Experience with other similar examples have shown that adding restrictions to a smaller area merely shifts the problem to neighbouring streets. The next key step will be for CCC Highways to run a public consultation of the proposals on Love’s Farm within the next few months.

LFCA wishes to thank all those involved in the process, and particularly Hazel Pinheiro and our councillors David Wells, Ian Gardener, Barry Chapman and Julie Wisson.

Meanwhile, Breheny is completing the road surfacing on behalf of Gallagher. Station Square is expected to be finished by Easter, and Breheny is targeting mid-June for completion of all the roads on Love’s Farm. Keep an eye on this website and follow the LFCA Facebook page for the latest news.