UPDATED: Great High Ground closure

Great High Ground remains closed to complete the section of block paving between the junctions of Bawlins and Great High Ground.

This means that during this time access to the north of Love's Farm will only be via the bus gate.

The contractors will be working up the hill, so the junction with Bawlins will be closed initially, and access to Bawlins, Oliver Way, Leighton House Close and Top Birches will be via the bus gate and Middle Ground.

Once the junction with Bawlins is complete, the junction with Middle Ground will be closed, and access to the above roads will be via Bawlins and the usual entry routes from the south.

Access to Clark Drive will be maintained throughout the works, with the contractors working on one side of the road at a time. As above, access will initially be via the bus gate but will switch to the south when the junction is complete.

UPDATE 28/06/2017: The contractors have informed us that they expect to close the Middle Ground / Great High Ground junction on Thursday 29th June and that it will remain closed until the following Tuesday. Access to Bawlins, Oliver Way, Middle Ground and Top Birches will be via Stone Hill/Great High Ground and Bawlins - there will be no access from the bus gate (north) end to these roads. As usual, estimates from this contractor to be taken with a hefty pinch of salt.

Marcus Pickering, 20/06/2017