Petition against closure of HDC office in St Neots 

Some residents may not be aware that Huntingdonshire District Council intends to permanently close its service centre in St Neots.  Last year, the HDC Customer Services Centre assisted St Neots residents on 8,000 separate occasions. 
Although some users of the service may be able to complete forms and make payments over the internet, many residents who are vulnerable, elderly, disabled, on low incomes or unable to access the services electronically will no longer have access to a local service.
That is why residents of St Neots & the surrounding area are petitioning Huntingdonshire District Council to think again before closing its very last presence in St Neots, Cambridgeshire’s largest town. 
If you too believe that this service to the 40,000 residents of our local area should not be closed down please click on the link below to sign the petition.

Barry Chapman and Delphine Johnson, 22/06/2017