Closure of the northern access 

NorthernAccessCambridgeshire County Council have put in place an experimental order to close the northern access to all traffic.

The entrance from Priory Hill previously allowed buses and emergency vehicles equipped with the appropriate transponder  to access Love's Farm by lowering the rising bollards.

As part of a process of phasing out rising bollards across Cambridgeshire, the County Council are now proposing to close the access permanently, meaning that emergency vehicles will have to use the Stone Hill or Dramsell Rise routes to access the north of Love's Farm, with no contingency if Great High Ground or Hogsden Leys is blocked.

We are objecting in the strongest possible terms to the removal of emergency access via this route and asking that a permanent decision is deferred at least until the planned parking controls are implemented, so that we can determine whether there is any improvement to the ease of access via the congested southern routes.

We will be meeting shortly with council officers to discuss the closure and ask them to look at all possible options for the access, and we will also ensure there is a process for all residents to contribute to the discussion on what we believe should happen.

In the meantime, you can read the council's proposals in the letter they have distributed. This includes details of how to respond to the consultation; the email address is

Marcus Pickering, 31/07/2017