New dog control orders

Huntingdonshire District Council is consulting on a proposal to introduce a new Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) to replace the existing Dog Control Orders which are in place across the district. There are currently four dog control orders in place which relate to:

  • dog fouling
  • dogs on leads in designated areas
  • putting a dog on a lead at the request of an authorised officer and
  • preventing dogs from entering certain areas. 
The new order will keep all of the existing controls and would introduce two new aspects. Dog owners would be required to:
  • pick up the faeces (poo) that their dogs leave behind - this extends an existing control which only covers specified parts of the district and
  • have with them a bag or other similar means of picking up the faeces (poo) that their dogs leave behind and, if requested by a Police Officer, Police Community Support Officer or Council Officer, to show this to the Officer. This is a new condition.

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Marcus Pickering, 31/07/2017