Love's Farm Blooms 

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Love’s Farm Community Association (LFCA) has been given a sum of money by the now disbanded St Neots in Bloom and I have been asked to use it to enhance the natural beauty of the shared spaces across our community. My husband Max, who died earlier this year, was a great lover of nature, as I am, so I was glad to think about what British native bulbs, plants and shrubs might work best in the green spaces we share.

The gift of flowers and shrubs, whether to mark a loss or celebrate a life, offers us a symbol of hope and healing.

If you would like to contribute an idea or share a name that you love and remember please let me know. Or if you'd like to get involved in organising or planting we will need to get a gang together so please get in touch! 

Phyllis Hooper, 18/08/2017