Restricting Parking – Your Comments Needed! 

No Parking

Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) have agreed funding for parking restrictions on the estate.

Following discussions with LFCA, CCC has developed some outline proposals, for which they have asked us to hold an initial informal consultation. After years of lobbying this is feels like real progress and it is important that as many residents as possible use this opportunity to get the scheme you want.

Based on the results of the initial consultation CCC will do further work on the detail of the scheme, and a second, formal consultation will then be run, probably in early 2018.

Timescales are dictated by the need to get the scheme implemented within the current financial year. From the residents’ viewpoint, it’s worth noting that the parking restrictions in Longsands (other side of the railway) are now being enforced by the Police and so it’s likely that commuter parking will move to Love’s Farm in the absence of restrictions here.

What is Proposed?

Spine Roads (Stone Hill, Great High Ground, Damsell Rise, Station Square, Kester Way, Hogsden Leys)

  • No parking (double yellow lines) on all of these except for specific parking areas on each of the roads — a draft map of these is available here. The specific parking areas on Station Square and Kester Way will be time limited (probably two hours maximum) to assist with station dropping off and visiting shops, Leonardo’s and Love’s Farm House. Other designated parking on spine roads not be time restricted.

Side roads (all other roads that will be adopted by CCC)

Three options are proposed for the initial consultation:

  • (a) no restrictions on side roads (current situation)
  • (b) restricted parking e.g. single yellow line with one-hour (probably 11am to midday, or miday to 1pm)
  • (c) full restrictions double yellows on side roads.

Within options (b) and (c) it is envisaged that a small number of parking bays would be identified that don’t block the flow of traffic, and would remain with no restrictions.

If (b) or (c) was implemented, there may be an option for specific side roads roads to be excluded based on residents’ feedback (except near the junction to spine roads). However, implementing a mix of (a), (b) and (c) within one road is likely to be too costly in terms of consultation and design.

On-street parking may not currently be a significant problem on your street, but bear in mind that it may increase if and when other streets adopt restrictions, and when commuters learn where the pockets of unrestricted parking are located.

How do I respond?

Email or write to to LFCA Parking Group c/o Love's Farm House, 17 Kester Way, St Neots PE19 6SL.

You can also email the County Councillor for Love’s Farm:

Please do take the time to respond. The design of Love’s Farm parking restrictions will be based on your feedback! 

David Wells, 01/10/2017