Love's Farm Blooms Latest 

BloomsSoggy Sunday may have been unfortunate for Bank Holiday events but the rain was welcomed by me and the lovely family whose house overlooks what I am calling Yardgate.

All summer we have been trying to eradicate the Bindweed which was the all consuming plant on this little corner. We, your Guerrilla Gardener and helpers, dug buckets and buckets of spaghetti roots out and last Friday put some plants in. The clay was like concrete. Hand watering, though done,  was just not going to be enough! Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!

In my memory of the early days of Love’s Farm and a photo I once saw, I think this plot is just south of the old farmyard and the Poplar tree the only one remaining from a number around the old house. Thus I have chosen what I think are sort of old fashioned garden flowers that will seed and/or spread. We could even add a few vegetable plants or anything anyone might suggest or donate.

The next area to tackle will be the SW corner. Any ideas welcomed.

Phyllis Hooper, 06/09/2018