Community Award Winners 2018! 

We were delighted to congratulate 6 worthy award winners at our community celebration this year, which included a quiz, the annual meetings of Love's Farm Community Association and Love's Farm House, and delicious Fish and Chips from Cox's at the Lighthouse.

We discussed the progress we have made on our community plan and we are keen to hear your views as we shape our plan for 2019. We'll upload the presentation here soon, but in the meantime, please complete the survey to give us your input!

Katie Boldero - Champion Campaigner

Katie made a huge impact with a well-orchestrated campaign to secure proper fencing for the Pirate Ship play area. In an era of shrinking budgets, we face an uphill struggle to get local authorities to make significant improvements to our local area. Undeterred, Katie managed to create awareness by raising a petition of hundreds of residents. The lack of fencing has always been a challenge for parents and represented a serious risk to the safety of our children, particularly as the development has filled up and the roads have become busier. In the face of Katie's evidence, and the huge support of residents, together with the backing of a local councillor, the District Council eventually agreed to provide suitable fencing for the play area.
LFCA AGM 2018 -6 

Sian Hatt - Spirit of Love's Farm

Sian is a regular user of LFH participating in lots of community events and always bringing with her healthy doses of fun and optimism. She lis a generous friend and listener to whoever’s around and a worthy recipient of this year’s "Spirit of Love’s Farm".
LFCA AGM 2018 -8

Raymon Gompelman - Star Behind the Scenes

Raymon is the Treasurer for Love's Farm House. The Farm House is booked almost to capacity, and while Jenny our administrator handles the day-to-day finances, it falls to Raymon to provide the oversight and generate meaningful reports at the monthly trustee meetings. He also manages the monthly staff payroll, has put credit card and pension systems in place and works with our accountants to generate our annual reports for the Charity Commission. It's a huge task that goes largely unnoticed.  In addition, Raymon also helps out at Lazy Breakfast, does shifts behind the bar and can regularly be found supporting Farm House events.  Raymon is a very worthy recipient of this year’s "Star Behind the Scenes" award’ 

Ian Hall - Going the Extra Mile

Someone who might easily have opted to please himself in retirement or pull up a seat somewhere, Ian has instead taken on being the Street Rep for Alsop Way
and also been a SMART day regular – as well as giving extra time to SMART during the week over the summer when litter across some parts of our community hit some record highs. Ian has also volunteered at the Round House school and assisting the caretaker with ad-hoc tasks when 4 hands were needed to get a job
LFCA AGM 2018 -12


Charlene Turner - Volunteer of the Year

Charlene is someone who has really stepped up this year and stepped out of her comfort zone by getting involved as a volunteer both at Tuesday’s Love's Farm House community café and also at Little Loves - Charlene has become a regular volunteer at both and made a significant contribution to ensure that they both run smoothly. Both these ventures depend on volunteers and so this award recognises Charlene’s involvement over a year which has come with personal challenges for her and so makes her commitment all the more costly but really appreciated.
LFCA AGM 2018 -11

Emma Lovelock - Special Award

The longest standing member of the LFCA committee and a tireless contributor to so much of our community life. She is one of the few people about whom one could honestly say that Love's Farm would be a different place without her. Emma has been responsible for some of Love's Farm's most memorable events. This year was the 10th annual Big Lunch and Emma has organised 8 of them, and under her organisation it's gone from strength to strength. As the 'Facebook lady', Emma fields numerous questions and concerns from residents on a daily basis and hence a real hub of the community. She's a real supporter - one of the few 'core' association members, and can always be depended on.
LFCA AGM 2018 -16



Marcus Pickering, 18/10/2018