Parking Controls - Formal Consultation Begins 7 Nov

Following the informal consultation earlier this year, Cambridgeshire County Council have now released plans for the parking controls for Love's Farm.

There are approximately 1450 households, businesses and organisations within Love’s Farm and 359 (25%) responses to the consultation were received. 253 (70%) of respondents support the proposed scheme, 105 (29%) are opposed to it.

Some more detailed information about the results of the survey can be found here.

Cambridgeshire County Council have carefully considered and discussed with Love’s Farm Community Association representatives and your local Councillor the outcome of the survey and the comments that were made, and these have been incorporated into the scheme, where possible. As a result of the positive feedback received, the Council and Love’s Farm Community Association have decided to take the parking scheme forward to the next stage. This involves carrying out a statutory consultation and publishing formal notices to inform of the Council’s intention to introduce the parking management scheme in the area.

The formal notice will be published in the local newspaper on Wednesday 7 November 2018 and the deadline for comments is 30 November 2018. A copy of the notice, drawings and additional information can be found (from 7 Nov) on the Council’s website here. Alternatively, the information can be viewed during normal office hours at the offices of the Highway Projects & Road Safety Team at Vantage House, Washingley Road, Huntingdon, PE29 6SR. Any objections or other comments should be submitted in writing to the same address or by e-mail to quoting reference PR0427. All comments received will be fully considered by the Council and a final decision is expected to be taken in January 2019 on whether to implement the parking management scheme.

The plans on the council's website should be considered definitive but are linked here for convenience:

  • Central/East (Great High Ground, Bawlins, Middle Ground, Day Close, Clark Drive etc)
  • North (Hogsden Leys, Bargroves Ave, Field Gate Close, Lannesbury Crescent etc)
  • South West (Dramsell Rise, Station Square, Great High Ground etc)
  • Central/West (Kester Way, Great High Ground etc)
  • South East (Stone Hill, Fox Brook, Belland Hill etc)