Register for Love's Farm Yard Sale

Had a clear out and can't be bothered to do a car boot? Or have you been putting off a clear out since moving house? Or have items too big to get to a boot sale? Well, we're going to make it easy for you!

Love's Farm MASSIVE Yard Sale takes place on Sunday 23rd June from 10am-2pm and is part of our Great Get Together weekend (more details on that to follow!)

Have a stall in your garden or car parking space on this day. Register your house and we'll make a map and list of all houses taking part available....and sell sell sell.

That simple! No charge, we will advertise around St Neots. Just fill in and submit a few simple details below.

House number and street:
Email Address:
I will be selling from my:
Anything else you wish to add:

A few simple notes:
  • Please ensure any tables used are secure and not blocking any pathways.
  • Please ensure any litter is cleared at end of event.
  • Please be mindful that this is a family event so please do not display anything inappropriate and bear in mind usual age restrictions when selling items such as DVDs and video games etc.
  • By registering you are confirming you are happy for us to advertise your property address on promotional material (none of your other contact details will be published).
Emma Lovelock, 21/05/2019