Full fibre broadband for Love's Farm 

Broadband on Love's Farm has always been a bit of a mixed bag - we all started off slow and a few areas, over the years, have been lucky enough to get varying upgrades where other pockets have been left behind.

We have just had confirmation from an Openreach engineer that infrastructure work is in progress to ensure every home that cannot already order a fibre connection right to your door will soon be able to do so.

Traditionally, internet has been provided over old copper phone lines. Some homes were able to benefit from an upgrade where fibre optic cables carried a much faster service to the green street cabinet, with the last hop to your house being provided over the old copper cables (but the longer the distance between the cabinet and your home, the slower the speed). In recent months, some homes on Love's Farm have been able to benefit from fibre optic cable going all the way to the house. Now, this service will be available to us all, offering speeds of up to 1Gbps. 

Please note that you won't automatically benefit from faster speeds: once the work is complete there will be a greater range of services available and you will need to order one of these.

Openreach have asked us to note that there will be more vans  and engineers around than usual and have asked us to be careful and conscious of them. They have also asked car drivers not to park over the network boxes in the paths, as this adds time to each part of the process.

Marcus Pickering, 07/10/2020