Respecting our countryside 

Here on Love's Farm we're enormously privileged to be surrounded by beautiful countryside. We have some lovely walks right from our front doors across open fields and away from the roads.

However, with this privilege comes an important responsibility to look after our surroundings, and in particular to respect the public rights of way and the surrounding working farmland. Sadly we have had reports of people trespassing on the local farm, breaking down fences, disturbing wildlife and leaving litter.

Public rights of way across the farms are shown as pink dotted lines on the map below. The only public rights of way across the farm are north through the bull field and east along the concrete track (then looping north around the top of Monks Hardwick farm). All other fields and farmland - and the balancing pond to the east of Love's Farm - are out of bounds. 

Please respect our farming neighbours and countryside.