Food Waste Recycling 


Love's Farm has been chosen by Huntingdonshire District Council to be part of a trial aimed at encouraging food waste composting and reducing our landfill waste.

As part of the trial, all homes (except those with communal bins) have been provided with a plastic caddy to keep in the kitchen, to collect food waste before transferring it to your green garden bin. You may also notice a new sticker added to your black bin, reminding us to place all food waste in the green bin.

You can put all food waste - raw or cooked food, bones, tea bags, egg shells etc - in these bins, but no liquids.

The council will be reviewing waste levels in the coming months to determine whether providing caddies helps improve composting rates for food waste, to decide whether to roll out to a wider area.

Some residents have been provided with paper liners to see whether this impacts residents' use of the caddies. Please remember that compostable plastic  bags are NOT accepted in green bins as they do not break down quickly enough in the rapid composting process used. However, paper liners or newspaper are fine.

To find more information about what goes in which bin, you can visit the District Council's website.  If you have any comments or questions about the trial you can email