New bus for Love's Farm

Following the recent report that the X4 bus service is to be axed,  Stagecoach have published details of the new bus service which will serve Love's Farm from Sunday February 10th. The express Oxford to Cambridge X5 service will also now have a stop outside Love's Farm.

The new 62 bus will run a clockwise loop starting from Stone Hill, then Cambridge Road, Dramsell Rise, Station Square, Great High Ground, Hogsden Leys and exiting through the bus gate at the north of the estate towards the town centre. The return journey will come back through the bus gate, Hogsden Leys, Great High Ground to Stone Hill, before starting the clockwise route again on its next run to town.

The service will be every half hour during the morning and evening rush hours and every hour during the day.

The delay to the commissioning of the bus gate at the northern acccess meant that the old X4 never really served Love's Farm. Gallagher assure us that the overrunning roadworks (apparently the cause of the delay) are very near to completion and works to commission the bus gate will follow, with a firm expectation of completion by the end of February 2013. In the meantime, the bus will divert via Cambridge Road and Station Road.

The X5 will have an addtional stop in both directions outside Love's Farm, providing a half-hourly service to Cambridge, Bedford, Milton Keynes and Oxford. At the time of writing, the X5's website hadn't been updated to show the new stop, but timings can be assumed to be similar to the Cambridge Street stop (next to Spar).
Marcus Pickering, 23/01/2013
Bry123 21/02/2013 08:21
Do we yet have a date for opening of the bus gate ? Is there to be a stop on Hogsden Leys? Thanks
Bry123 22/02/2013 10:42
Firm expectation of completion by end of February so surely we should have dates set by now??